danieltseleie-divest-uvicsmallYesterday, on campuses across Canada students brought the fossil fuel divestment movement to Canada with a bang. The national day of student action, called Fossil Fools Day, was organized to call out “an industry that is planning to cook the planet, is responsible for destroying land, polluting the air and water, and violating the rights of people around the world and an industry whose business model means burning over five times the amount of carbon our planet can handle.”

Actions called on campus administration to divest their campuses endowments from fossil fuels, and gathered signatures from hundreds of students across Canada in support. Check out some photos from the actions below.

University of Victoria

danieltseleie-divest uvicsmall

divest uvic event

Later in the day, Dr. Vandana Shiva spoke of the excitement and power behind the divestment movement, and the campaign at UVic while being awarded an honorary doctorate at the Presidents dinner!

Simon Fraser University



Lakehead University 


Orillia Campus


Thunder Bay Campus

Laurentian University 


McMaster University 



Fossil Fools Day at McMaster started off with a bang. A group of 20 students and community supporters marched through campus. Some yelled chants about divestment, others strummed a ukulele, or banged a drum. We got a lot of attention in the student union and lots of cheers too. We know the President heard us come through as he was participating in a twittering event in the main foyer.

University of New Brunswick – Fredericton


The morning of March 27th, after 2 months of researching, campaigning, and networking, myself, Kayley Reed, and other two co-founders of Fossil Free UNB, Richelle Martin, and Christina Wilson (all of us 2nd year Leadership students) had the chance to present our fossil fuel divestment case to the University of New Brunswick‘s Management Committee. We had previously sent out intention letters to the Board Members, and met individually with the President before today’s presentation. It was nerve wracking and exciting all at once, but went very well over all! Of course there were concerns and criticisms raised about the divestment process and whether or not it is the right step for the university and to combat climate change, but the Vice President did note how impressed the committee was with our research, passion, and presentation. Now we are just waiting to hear back on their decision for further negotiation. If all goes as planned, we will be invited to make a second presentation to the UNB Investment Committee in June. Thanks to everyone who has supported our campaign so far, and to those who are involved in campaigns at other campuses – don’t give up! We’re amazed at how much this has progressed in just a few weeks! For those interested, you can support us on our Facebook page: Fossil Free UNB , tumblr: http://fossilfreeunb.tumblr.com, and sign our petition here: http://act.gofossilfree.org/act/university-of-new-brunswick-fredericton

University of Ottawa


McGill University

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University of Toronto 


The University of Toronto is taking action this Monday, April 1st, the above photo is from their action on March 4th. Email us at divest@gofossilfree.ca for more info!

More photos to be uploaded soon as more campus send them in!